Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Internet Rose

My internet rose I long to see,
during conversation between you and me.
It let me know that you were there,
with a happy laugh, a thought, a care.
Oh, how it made me smile.
My internet rose let me know all was right,
even when there was discord at night.
in discussions we shared,
I knew someone cared.
Oh how it made me smile.
My internet rose has quickly faded,
as our seperate lives are pools to be waded.
I now ask myself if I will ever see,
the internet rose once meant for me.
Oh how I used to smile.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pirates on my Ship

A ship on the horizon is chasing me
as well as the storm over open seas.
On the ship holds the pirates
that plunder and lie,
who only wants to see my spirit die.
So gruesome and violent
the daggers of theives,
come aboard my ship with lies and deceit.
Waves crashing as I struggle to stay alive.
Soon the mast breaks, then takes a dive.
Water comes over the bow and flows on the deck,
wreaking havoc all over my ship.
The pirates in my life are fighting to the death,
stealing and killing till there's nothing left.
The roar from the yelling and shouting,
leaves ears rnging, there's no doubting.
The waves keep crashing, the thunder, clapping.
The death of my spirit is what's happening.

Friday, December 11, 2009

A future Untold

A Future Untold
Category: Writing and Poetry

Two kids, playing in the sand.
Running down the beach, hand in hand.
Two hearts, having lots of fun.
Playing in the surf, and in the sun.

A future that has yet been told.
Cherished days that will soon unfold.
Life, where living is so care free.
To explore the adventures soon to be.

Lovers, walking hand in hand.
Walking down the beach, in the surf and sand.
Two hearts, beating just as one.
Taking vows, witnessed by the Lord and Son.

Old folks, remembering days of young.
Raising a family in the surf and sun.
Two hearts with a godly plan,
Forever playing in the surf and sand.

A future that has yet been told.
Cherished days that will soon unfold.
Life, where living is so care free.
To explore, the adventures soon to be.

Thursday, August 6, 2009



He had the type of stunning eyes that penetrate your soul. Filled with darkness that only pure evil can bring. The kind that leaves shivers running up and down your spine.
Quickly, he reached out and grabbed her arms. The grip of his large hands was tight and unmerciful. A struggle ensued as he drug her to another room. She must have shown weakness that he homed in on. The pain inflicted upon her face and body was more than she could bear as she was being beaten into submission. All went black.
The next thing she became aware of was being undressed by this stranger. His rough hands were rubbing all over her nakedness. As he pinned her down on the floor with the strength of his body, he started to bite at her nipples. Drawing blood from each breast, this evil beast was just beginning.
As he thrust himself inside her, it felt as if she was being stabbed with a knife. She wanted to scream out in pain, but would not give the stranger satisfaction in knowing her pain. The fear she had for her life, being killed, was not an option in her mind. She was not about to let him take total delight in her suffering. So she lay there on the floor in total silence.
When he had finished defiling her, he asked if she enjoyed riding with him. She said nothing as he talked about his cock and how much of a man hi was. In her mind he was the devil himself. Full of the darkness of evil so vile that it’s smell inhibited every pore of his being.
This stranger then left the room. There she was, left lying naked on the floor. Her clothes were left in a ripped up heap on the floor. All of the happiness and joy she had felt just an hour earlier were sucked out of her. She curled up on the floor and soon began to weep. The shame and humiliation she felt was beyond human comprehension. She felt all alone in the world and her self worth had completely vanished.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


When I was a child in the 60's and 70's, I remember what the neighborhood (that I live in) used to be like. Neighbors used to visit each other, even from down the block. They would have weekend get togethers and people got along. People made an effort to help each other out when they saw it was needed.
A change started to happen in the neighborhood about 25 years ago. A different type of people with a different type of mindset started to move in. We started to see bikers, and younger families move in who hada strong sense of self. The weekend get togethers and block parties ended. People had to lock their doors during the day as well as at night. Neighbors helping neighbors stopped.
Here we are some thirty years later. Neighbors yell at and to each other from their front door steps. Some think they own the neighborhood and think they cantell you what to do. Instead of helping each other when a problem arises, they yell or threaten to beat you or co-hearse you into fighting. WHAT KIND OF MENTALITY IS THAT?!?!?! It is that of a selfish child! That mentality has become the way of most of N.W. Ohio, especially Toledo. The sad part is that they show this mentality when vacationing in the south. They don't realize the bad reputation they leave behind. I truely no longer fit in with the mentality of N.W. Ohio and especially Toledo!

Friday, July 31, 2009


As I sit on the couch all alone this night,

I realize how alone I really am.
Never, had I thought I'ld be in this place.
A loss in a large, dark, voidness of time and space.

Never again my love, will I see your smiling face.
Or hear you whisper my name in our quiet place.
Never again my love, will you hold my hand.
Walking on the beach, playing in the surf and sand.

Never again my love, will you hold me tight.
Calming my fears on a dark stormy night.
Never again my love, will you see our child.
Growing up in a world that's so rough and wild.

Never again my love, will I hear you say, "I love you".
While watching the sun rise to a new day.
Never again my love, will we sleep in the night.
Side by side, together, with everything alright.

Never again my love, shall you ever know,
the deepness of my caring, nor my sorrows.
Since you ceased to live, gone are all my tomorrows.
Never again my love, can I say "I love you".
I always have, and you knew that too.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Can you hear me? Calling softly,
As the wind blows, through the trees.
I can hear you. Whisper gently.
“Come and meet me, by the sea”.

Soon the rain comes. Thunder crashing,
Waves are surging, violent seas.
Winds blow harshly, Waves are crashing,
On the rocks beneath my feet.

I can’t hear you. My heart’s racing.
Searching for you, by the sea.
My vision’s blurring, from my teardrops,
Gently falling, to the sea.

Then I hear you, calling to me
Your arms stretched out to meet me.
I am with you, no longer lonely,
Standing by you, by the sea.

The raging storms leave oh, so swiftly.
Like a wave returns to sea.
Then we both just whisper softly
To each other, “Stay with me”.

Can you hear me? Whisper softly,
As the wind blows, through the trees.
Tender touches, gentle kisses.
Side by side here, by the sea.